On Morality and Multi-screen

In my twitter stream this morning I found a link to a page full of examples of responsive design (http://thenextweb.com/dd/2012/02/01/10-beautiful-examples-of-responsive-web-design/) While these are undoubtedly beautiful and well-crafted examples of responsive design, I’m not sure how relevant the ‘responsiveness’ is to each site’s audience. Curiously, as available bandwidth increases for most users, the amount of bandwidth… Read More On Morality and Multi-screen

CSS Libraries

Lea Verou has, rather masterfully, created a large library of CSS animations here: http://leaverou.github.com/animatable/ While this is undoubtedly an excellent way of showing off the capabilities of CSS I would still strongly advise against simply rushing out and plugging as many as possible into any site you may be working on. Libraries like this tend to make us all think… Read More CSS Libraries

‘The “Free” issue’ or ‘How 17th-century philosophy affects UX’

The other day I was reading something that happened to mention Thomas Hobbes. Hobbes was a 17th-century English philosopher. He saw humans as ego-driven, power-hungry machines whose seeming good intentions all mask entirely self-serving motives. The impact of this idea was so strong that even today, more than 300 years later, we still find it… Read More ‘The “Free” issue’ or ‘How 17th-century philosophy affects UX’

The influence of broadband on the future of design and development

This is just a quick thought about the influence of broadband and any services that come after it on the design and development of websites and web-apps. As web designers and developers we’ve never had it so good. I can remember part of our testing process when I started in this business (A long time… Read More The influence of broadband on the future of design and development