Cognitive Overload

Back in the 1970’s, 3 friends clubbed together to buy themselves a TV for the house they shared. Each of them managed to save £10 for the TV so out they went. Eventually they came across a shop that had, in the window, an excellent model with 3 preset channel buttons plus 1 spare. It… Read More Cognitive Overload


Form sequencing

Whenever the subject of information flow in forms was raised I discovered conflicting evidence for vertical or horizontal flows, ordering and grouping. In trying to establish the definitive answer I carried out three different user tests: a sort test where users were asked to arrange data into a two-column structure, a flow direction test where users were asked to… Read More Form sequencing

Websafe Hex Greys to Letraset ProMarker conversion

So, I was playing around with some marker mockups and wondered how accurate I could get them it terms of colour. My weapon of choice for these things is the Letraset ProMarker and, in particular, the Cool Greys. Here, without further ado, conversions of the four basic websafe greys into Letraset ProMarker colours: #333 =… Read More Websafe Hex Greys to Letraset ProMarker conversion

Fonts, borders, and Rounded Corners for responsive sites

Responsive design is great but there are some things that can be a real pain to deal with. The first is font sizes. Since fonts don’t respond to the browser size we need another solution and the easiest to add and manage uses a tiny bit of javaScript: / 100)+”px”; When this piece of… Read More Fonts, borders, and Rounded Corners for responsive sites

Best Practice For Buttons

Caroline Jarrett has written a great piece over on the UX Matters site: For those of you with short attention spans here is Caroline’s own summary: Make buttons look like buttons. Put buttons where users can find them. Make the most important button look like it’s the most important one. Put buttons in a sensible order. Label… Read More Best Practice For Buttons