Accessibility Testing: Visual Impairment

I’ve been doing some accessibility testing recently and came across WebbIE 3

If you’re testing against visual impairments then it’s worth checking WebbIE 3 out.

In their own words: “WebbIE re-presents the information from a web page in an accessible format suitable for a screen reader.”

Basically, this browser will strip pages down to just the content that a screen reader can make use of – headings, links, alt attributes and plain text.

Used with a screen reader this is easily the best free way I’ve found for testing pages against visual impairment. It makes it very easy to spot those ambiguous and simply bad links. You’ll very quickly find out how disorientating it is to find yourself presented with anonymous “click here” links or, like the ones I found I a site yesterday, “selected”!?

Go have a look for yourself here:

Oh, and, while you could use Windows Narrator, I’d recommend Thunder screen reader to go with it:


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