• Do your users know your site/application as well as you do? How long will they spend learning it before they give up and leave? What will their experience do to your reputation?

You know you’re passionate about UX when…

I had a nightmare last night – a proper one where you wake up in a cold sweat. This is something I haven’t experienced for at least a decade or so but that’s not the strange thing. After all, lots of people have nightmares. What made this one unusual was what had made it so … Continue reading

Websafe Hex Greys to Letraset ProMarker conversion

So, I was playing around with some marker mockups and wondered how accurate I could get them it terms of colour. My weapon of choice for these things is the Letraset ProMarker and, in particular, the Cool Greys. Here, without further ado, conversions of the four basic websafe greys into Letraset ProMarker colours: #333 = … Continue reading

Facebook’s “Year in review” and how the business failed to understand the way its users interact with it

So, as we approached the charitable, loving, family oriented season of goodwill that is know as Christmas this year (2014), those clever bods at Facebook (‘Move fast, break things’) decided to treat us all to a flashback of some of the highlights of our year just passed. As it turns out this wasn’t such a … Continue reading

“I can’t remember that!”

Here’s something that’s a little bugbear of mine: Passwords. Now, we all have a way of remembering our passwords for all the hundreds of different apps and systems that we use on a daily basis – current thinking is that, with so many to remember, we might as well just write them down on a piece … Continue reading

Advanced Responsive Proportional Control

This is an advance on the JQuery scripting I used for control of fonts and borders in my last post. It works in a very similar way but I’ll explain a little more clearly this time. The area we need to measure is the viewport – this is the part of the browser that actually … Continue reading

Fonts, borders, and Rounded Corners for responsive sites

Responsive design is great but there are some things that can be a real pain to deal with. The first is font sizes. Since fonts don’t respond to the browser size we need another solution and the easiest to add and manage uses a tiny bit of javaScript: document.body.style.fontSize=(window.innerWidth / 100)+”px”; When this piece of … Continue reading

What’s so great about Pattern Libraries?

Humans have become extremely adept at recognising patterns. Long ago it would have been a survival trait: those who could spot the tiger before it attacked would survive. Pattern recognition isn’t often needed in that capacity any more but we still have the skill and it’s so hard-wired into our system that most of the time we … Continue reading

Uh-Oh! Microsoft has another go at social media

so.cl (pronounced “Social” apparently) seems doomed to failure. Aimed at the notoriously fickle student market this is a social tool to share your search results complete with some sort of video sharing system that they’re refering to as ‘Video Parties’ – anyone want to guess how long it will be before it becomes the best … Continue reading

Best Practice For Buttons

Caroline Jarrett has written a great piece over on the UX Matters site: http://www.uxmatters.com/mt/archives/2012/05/7-basic-best-practices-for-buttons.php For those of you with short attention spans here is Caroline’s own summary: Make buttons look like buttons. Put buttons where users can find them. Make the most important button look like it’s the most important one. Put buttons in a sensible order. Label … Continue reading

Meta-programming and leading language

Here is a user test: “Where do we put the ‘Cancel’ button?” A form on a web page needs to have a way of clearing or submitting the data – traditionally this is handled with two buttons. One says ‘Cancel’ and the other says ‘Submit’. Of the two buttons, One is on the left and … Continue reading


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